Im a bi switch. Im also a bull in training as well as a nudist into BDSM. Im in service to Mistress Meltz. She is also my mentor. We're lookin to create a problack poly family complete with white servants. Mistress Meltz's enjoy making fetish and domination fetish. Sometimes Im in them or sometimes Im recording. I want to be more of a bull in videos and will learn each day during my journey in llife.



Are you a shelf butt fan? Here you go ;) Find more at Enjoy the pics as well as the rest of your weekend.


A documentary on sex in East Germany. Given how backward and repressed the place was, it is surprising how sexually liberated it was. I’m posting this because there is a small bit about nudism in East Germany at minute 46.


It’s another Fantabulous Friday with Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~10/17/2014